Family Standing In Front Of Garage Door

6 Safety Tips For Your Garage Door

In April 2013, a three year old girl living with her family in Waldorf, Maryland fell victim to a closing garage door and, unfortunately, was unable to be revived. Though it is believed that the family’s garage door was working properly, their garage door opener was within the child’s reach, and accidents are always possible.

Here are some great ways to help you stay on top of garage door safety:

Paintbrush, Paint and Swatches

How to Paint Your Garage Door and Revive It

Garage doors are built sturdy and are made to withstand the brutal elements. Because of this, they can start to show their wear and tear over time. An excellent and relatively easy solution for renewing the look of your garage door is a simple paint job. However, to achieve the best results, it is important to consider the factors that affect your door daily as well as how to properly strip, sand, clean and repaint it.