Garage Door Installation

Garages are fantastic. You can store your car in one. You can use it as a storage room. You can put your workplace in it. You could make it into anything you want. The possibilities are endless. It is consistently one of the most versatile rooms in the house.

Custom Garage Door Installation

No garage is complete without the garage door. It’s one of the defining features of any house. Most garage doors take up the majority of any house facade. Because of this, it’s important to have a good garage door installed for your home. If you go for anything less, you could be running the risk of not just a bad looking garage, but a bad looking house.

Austin Garage Door Solutions has the solutions you need for your garage door installation. From standard stock to custom doors, we’re able to work with any size, and model, and any make. Our staff is trained and ready to take on your garage door installation project from beginning to end. Whatever you need for your garage door, we’re your team.

Steps of Garage Door Installation

Man working on Garage Door

Before you have a new working garage door, Austin Garage Door Solutions does several things in order to ensure the absolute best garage door possible. This allows us to maximize the efficiency of your installation. With our systems, you’ll be able to track our progress during your door installation.
  1. Measure. Before we start work on anything, we measure the space where your door will go. This is a thorough process that we want to get right the first time. By spending the time up front planning, this will let the garage door installation go smoothly and efficiently.
  2. Install curved beams and rollers. Each garage door has its own specific design. This requires specific beams which the garage door will fit in. We are able to use any beams and rollers for our doors. Doing things this way gives you the variety of configurations you desire.
  3. Install the first garage door panel. When we’ve installed the beams and rollers, it’s time to start building your door. Some garage doors come in a single unit. Some come in panels. When we have a paneled door, we assemble your door panel by panel. We slide the garage door panel into the curved beam and rollers and make sure it’s there to stay.
  4. Test movement. Now that the panel is firmly ensconced within its trappings, it’s time to test. If the movement of the panel is affected, we evaluate the installation process so far and address any concerns. This allows us to adjust before we move on with the rest of the installation process.
  5. Install the rest of the panels. As soon as we confirm good movement with our first test panel, we install the rest of the panels. This is often a similar process to installing the first panel, but with one major exception. After placing the panels, we make sure they are fastened to one another. We then confirm smooth, fluid movement with the panels in place. If the panels are affected, we identify the areas being hindered and repair until we get smooth movement.
  6. Attach door. Upon getting smooth movement, we then attach the panels to other door mechanisms. Mechanisms can often include belts, chains, and emergency releases. These allow the panels to function with automated ease. That way, instead of having to manually lift the door, you can simply press a button for easy lifting.
  7. Attach springs. Here is the difficult part. The springs are crucial for getting your garage door to work effortlessly. Without them, you would be lifting a big metal door every time you wanted to go in the garage. Instead of making you do that, we install a spring. The spring acts as a counterbalance, as the tension from the spring takes in a majority of the weight of the door. If the spring is installed under standard, the spring could spin around rapidly and unwind. That is why we take great care in installing the spring for every garage door installation.
  8. Test. Once we have finally installed the rest of the garage, it’s time to give the door its final test. When we’re satisfied with the movement of the garage, then we turn it over to you. When you give us the seal of approval, then our job is done. You finally have a brand new garage door installed in your very own home.

How Can Austin Garage Door Solutions Help My Installation?

When you need a garage door installation done right, don’t settle for anything less than local. Austin Garage Door Solutions is a locally based company that knows the demands of living in central Texas. We know all the environmental stresses that can be placed on a garage door. With severe heat, high winds, and unusual weather patterns, our technicians are able to help get the proper door installed just for you.

Our technicians also settle for nothing less than the best. Since 1999, we have done a lot of garage door installations. In that time, our knowledge and experience has grown exponentially. All of this contributes to having the best garage door technicians in the business. We only spread this wealth around to our clients, who are able to reap the benefits of our expertise. One of our company tenets is to provide the best garage doors possible. We strive to achieve that every time.

Our ambition translates into the hardest working experts in garage doors. Our staff is thoroughly trained in almost every make and model of garage door possible. If you have a garage door design that you’re interested in, our staff can make that happen. No matter what kind of structure, we will make a plan and successfully install it in your home or work place. Austin Garage Door Solutions aims to please every time.

More than anything, we want you to have a great garage. The best garages come with the best garage doors. Whatever you want your garage to be, we want to help you make it the best it can be. Through our local knowledge, our dedication to excellence, and our tenacious work ethic, Austin Garage Door Solutions wants to be your garage door company permanently. If you’re interested in the best garage door installation in Austin, get in contact with us today.