Garage Door Spring Repair

Experts in Resolving Common Spring Issues

garage door springHave you ever had to deal with a broken or snapped garage door spring? Well, Austin Garage Door Solutions certainly has. With continued use of your garage door, the spring gets weathered down until it can no longer take the pressure, warping or snapping while your garage door is opening or closing. Luckily, a problem like this is easily fixable with our licensed and trusted technicians at the ready.

Have you also tried to repair your spring yourself? Don’t worry. Sometimes, our clients have attempted to fix the garage spring and were unable to. If you have the correct equipment and know how, the repair shouldn’t be nearly as difficult. A typical repair job from Austin Garage Door Solutions can last 1-2 hours, along with an additional 5-10 minutes for cleaning up. We like to make sure we leave things exactly as we found them before we left.

The collective knowledge of the technicians of Austin Garage Door Solutions lets us be able to repair any type of garage door. One of our specialities is in broken spring replacement and repair. We’ve been able to serve thousands of customers and have quickly become a surefire way to get your garage door repaired quickly.

Why are Springs Important?

Springs are the most important piece of equipment for your garage door. Without it, your garage door can not open. Whether your garage is powered by a motor or you open it manually, springs offer the support and balance needed for your garage doors to work smoothly.

If your garage door is not opening, your springs are one of the seven reasons why it could be malfunctioning. Springs are undergoing a significant amount of pressure and weight from your garage door whenever it is closed. Therefore, it can get worn down, shattered, and lose its effectiveness. If this is the case for your garage, call us today.

In the event of an emergency, like you need your car to get to work and can’t wait for us to assist you, find out the different methods to reach your belongings quickly.

How do Garage Springs Work?

Car Entering GarageThere are two types of garage spring methods to open your garage door: extension and torsion. The extension spring method works with a motor and cables to open your garage door. The extension spring is located on your garage ceiling and is extended when your garage door is closed, and compressed when your garage door opens. The constant stretching and compression of your extension spring can lead to wear and tear over time.

The second way a garage spring works is the torsion method. A torsion spring is located horizontally above your garage door. This spring is connected to cables at the bottom corners of your garage door. As the garage door closes the cables cause the torsion spring to wind up. When the garage door opens, the torsion spring releases its tightness resulting in energy allowing the door to lift.

Whether your garage door opens with extensions springs that stretch and compress, or through torsion springs that wind up each method puts tremendous pressure on your springs. Call us to check if your springs need repair.

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