Garage Door Cable Repair in Austin

Garage door cables are the tethers located on either side of the door that pull it up and down. When a cable breaks, you are left with a garage door that won’t open. If you store your car inside of your garage, you are either:

  • Stuck inside of your own home
  • Forced to pry open a garage door

Opening your garage door manually takes time, effort, and raises the possibility of serious injury if you aren’t careful. You need to contact someone that can service your garage door cables fast.

Austin Garage Door Solutions can help you repair your cables safely and securely. Our team of garage door cable experts can identify the exact cause and give you the service to get your door back in working condition. We will work with your complete system and get your entire garage back where it needs to be.

Don’t get trapped in your own home. Call Austin Garage Door Solutions now to schedule your cable repair or replacement.

Types of Garage Door Cables

  • Torsion
    Cables that are attached to the bottom of a garage door via a loop. The torsion cable must be precise and must be attached in a particular way to prevent the torsion spring from malfunctioning.
  • Extension
    Cables used in conjunction with extension coils located on each side of the garage door.
  • Safety
    Used along with extension spring cables, safety cables are located within the extension spring itself. If the extension spring fails, then the safety cable holds the spring together, ensuring that the spring does not spin out and cause damage.

How Did It Break?


Since our garage doors work almost all the time, it can be hard to remember that you have small cables pulling on a door upwards of 500 pounds. Repeated use is bound to put stress on the cable.

At some point, the cables may snap or just be unable to bear the load anymore. When that happens, you need a garage door cable repair or replacement to get your car back out of the garage again.


Repeated use of garage doors may create patterns which slowly work a cable out of its pulley. When the cable fails to stay in the pulley, you may have to go inside of the spring to thread it back up again.

Rethreading cable can be time consuming and potentially dangerous depending on what kind of spring you have. Austin Garage Door Solutions can handle that for you by realigning the cable with ease for service repair.

Need Garage Door Cable Repair?

Schedule an appointment with Austin Garage Door Solutions. We can look at your cables and doors and find out what repair service you need. We’ll give you the solutions you need to get your garage door up and running.