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Google Plus Testimonial IconRyan Duncan
Five Star RatingSeptember 2014
My mom’s house was having garage door issues a few weeks back. The door was getting stuck on the tracks and over working the garage opener. I looked for a few places to get quotes online and that’s when I came across Austin Garage Door Solutions. Joe came out and gave us an estimate that was better than anything else we had come across until that point. The fix included new rails/tracks for the garage door as well as installing a new opener. Joe was able to get this done in 2 hours and educated us a little on how to better maintain the garage door system in place. I appreciate all the help and wanted to personally say thanks! I’d definitely recommend Austin Garage Door Solutions for anyone experiencing any garage door repair needs.

Google Plus Testimonial IconKatrena Sageer
Five Star RatingMay 2015
They were fast, productive and very nice. I needed a garage door spring repaired which would have taken me hours of research online to figure out. They were able to finish it in less than an hour and I was more than happy to pay them for their services. One of the least expensive place I called and well worth it!

Google Plus Testimonial IconRock Deham
Five Star RatingJanuary 2015
Joe was very professional and courteous. He made me feel better about accidentally breaking our garage with my car. Apparently it happens to people all the time. Joe was able to fix our garage door in less than an hour and a half and didn’t cost me an arm and a leg. If you end up breaking your garage door like I did, give Joe a call.

Google Plus Testimonial IconTracy Dayton
Five Star RatingOctober 2014
I purchased a Groupon for a garage door tune-up and scheduled it for the following week. The morning of my appointment I was informed that the technician’s truck broke down and he wouldn’t be able to come out. Instead of canceling my appointment, since my husband had taken the day off work to be there, the owner of the company came out and did our tune-up and did an outstanding job and even admitted that since our garage doors were only 6 years old, they were still fairly new and needed no added costly repairs. I would definitely recommend Austin Garage Door Solutions to anyone because they are honest and have excellent customer service!

Google Plus Testimonial IconEric Vega
Five Star RatingJuly 2014
Leaving for work the other morning I discovered my garage door wouldn’t close. I spoke with several other garage door companies but Austin Garage Door Solutions seemed the most affordable considering I had a same day emergency. Joe came out in less than 45 minutes (REALLY FAST) and repaired the spring to my garage. They’re is super fast and very experienced! I recommend them all the way!

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