Garage Door Cable Drum Replacement

Your garage door works with an intricate cable system. A critical part of that system is the drum, which helps pull up the actual door and store garage door cable when the door is not in use.

When the drum breaks, the garage door cannot move smoothly. That’s why a speedy and affordable garage door drum replacement is crucial for your life.

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Types of Garage Door Drums


These drums are mostly flat. As a garage door raises, the cable accumulates evenly except for the last turn. The last turn rests the cable on a slightly higher elevation, which helps balance the garage door.

Standard-lift drums are in most residential homes. Homes usually store the doors up and over inside of a garage. Residential areas often have no need for high ceiling garages, as it would not be cost-effective. Since garage doors have to travel just a short space before being stored horizontally, the cable rests on flat drums.


Vertical-lift drums are conical, which causes the cables of a garage door to stay clear of the door while closed. When the door opens, the shape of the drum causes the cable to come closer to the drum’s shaft. This helps raise the door even more and helps store it vertically.

These types of drums are mostly in industrial or commercial warehouses where space is at a premium. Since warehouses often have higher ceilings, the doors are stored vertically against the wall. This leaves more room for cargo and shipping containers to be stored on the floor.


High-lift drums function as a combination of both vertical and standard-lift drums. While a good portion of the drum is flat, another significant part of the drum is raised to help balance and bear some of the weight.

A garage with a high-lift door stores the garage door horizontally but has to raise the door vertically for a good deal of time before storage.

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