How to Makeover Your Garage

Your garage can be the messiest part of your house, used for storage and forgotten belongings. Release the clutter from your home with a garage makeover. By organizing and customizing your garage, you can transform it to a place you actually want to visit.

Garage with an organized storage system


Your first step towards transformation is organization. Divide your belongings between things you’d like to keep, throw away, donate, or sell in the next garage sale. When deciding, keep in mind the last time you used something. If it’s past the one year mark, that means it’s time to go.

Keep the things that you use often.

Throw away things that are broken or worn out.

Donate what can still be used, but you haven’t used in over a year.

Sell what can be used, but you can live without.

Storage Ideas

After you have gotten rid of all of your excess or unusable items, it is time to store things.

Rolling garage storage

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  • Overhead storage bins are perfect for storing clothes and gear used during different seasons.
  • Overhead racks that secure to the ceiling are also an option for standard storage.
  • Rolling storage units can be very convenient, especially if you are constantly using various tools.
Garage wall pegboard

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  • wall pegboard is great at organizing through inserting hooks onto a pegboard that carry your hand-held tools.
  • You can also get drawer dividers to make tools and materials easier to find.
  • Tall cabinets or shelves are a must for any garage. They reduce the mess on your garage floor.
Potting bench in front of twin garage doors

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  • Hanging baskets will make everyday tools more visible for your workspace.
  • For those who love to garden, a potting bench is the perfect decor item to organize gardening tools.
  • An over the door coat hanger is an easy and affordable way to keep things organized and save room.
Bike hanging from bike rack hooks

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  • Individual gear track hooks for larger items like rakes, brooms, and shovels can keep tools off the floor.
  • For cyclists in Austin, a few bike rack hooks to your garage wall will mount an easier alternative for storing your bikes.

Makeover Themes

Organized garage with open space

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Once you’ve organized and stored all of your necessary belongings, your garage will have much more space. This gives you a chance to customize your garage to your interests.

If you and your family enjoy sports, you could try creating a mini-gym or sports-themed look. Or you can extend the area of your garden center. Adding open shelves with your latest flowers and plants will give your garden garage a pleasant touch.

For when DIY is your absolute favorite, customize your garage to make it more crafty friendly. Try adding a long table with high stools to create a DIY station. You can also make the area more homey by using a row of wicker baskets to store your craft supplies.

Transforming your garage into an extended home is a process. However, it’s one you can enjoy. After the necessary cleaning and storing designs are completed, take the time to customize your garage to your liking. To start the transition, keep your garage doors looking beautiful by calling Austin Garage Door Solutions for a free quote.

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