A small remote control for a garage door opener.

Simple and Effective Ways to Increase Your Garage Door Security

Garage doors can be a weak spot in your home security, so make sure not to neglect the security of your garage door. Burglaries are infamously difficult for the police to solve, so when it comes to your house, the best defense is being prepared. At Austin Garage Door Solutions, we’ve created a list to help you strengthen your garage door security.

Consider an automatic closer

There are many ways you can close your garage door automatically when you leave your home. Some applications can sync with your phone to close your door automatically when you get too far away from your house. This automatic motion can work wonders if you find yourself forgetting to keep your garage door closed often.

Lock your doors

Always lock the door from your garage into your house. Add a deadbolt for added security. Even if a burglar can get into your garage, don’t make it easy for them to get into the rest of your house.

Ditch the garage door opener

Never keep the garage door opener in your car. Keep it on your keys. If your car gets broken into, you leave your whole home susceptible to break-ins if a thief takes your garage door opener as well. The best alternative would be to replace your car garage door opener with a small opener to keep on your key ring.

Add a deadbolt to your garage door

This is a must for vacations. If you’re leaving your garage closed for extended periods of time, (like for frequent vacations or business ventures) add a deadbolt to your garage door. You don’t need to lock your garage every time you go out, but when you’re leaving for your summer vacation, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Cover any windows into your garage

Keep views into your garage to a minimum. Add curtains to any garage windows, or privacy screens. The less a potential burglar can scope out the layout of a place, the less likely they are to try to get in.

Inspect garage doors often.

Regularly look at the structure of your garage door to make sure it’s in good order. Check to make sure the locking mechanism works on your garage door, and make sure you keep any keys for that on you at all times.
Check the tracks and wheels of your garage door system at least twice a year to ensure everything is working properly. If you suspect anything, contact a garage repair technician.

Keep your garage door closed.

It’s the easiest thing to do, and yet some people can’t seem to remember. Leaving garage doors open, even once, can have your house marked as an easy target for burglars.

Still have questions about garage door security?

Contact the repair team at Austin Garage Door Solutions if you live in the greater Austin area. Our team is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your garage.

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