Quick Tips for Garage Door Maintenance

maintenanceYour garage door is the largest moving part of your house. When you make such a big home investment, it makes sense that you’ll want it to last as long as possible. If you have your garage door installed by a reputable company, it’s very likely that it will have a long lifespan. However, even first-rate garage doors need basic maintenance to keep them operating at an optimal level. Garage door maintenance is relatively easy once you know where to start; that’s why we’ve compiled this list of tips to help you keep your door in good shape!

1. Clean and realign door sensors if necessary. If you’ve noticed that your door is stopping in the middle of operating or reversing before it touches the ground, the most common culprit is misaligned or dirty sensors. You may need to check if they are hung at equal heights from the ground. You can do this with a ruler, but another easy way is to use a long piece of string and attach either side to where the sensors are hanging. Then use a level to determine when the sensors are even. If the sensors are even but still not functioning properly, check if there is dirt blocking them. If so, wipe them down with a cotton swab and try again.

2. Test the door balance. For your safety, it’s ideal to check that your garage door is balanced every other month or so. Checking your door balance isn’t complicated. If you have an automatic door opening system, disconnect it while the door is closed. Then, if you’re able, try lifting the door manually. It should lift pretty effortlessly and remain fully open. If it feels “stuck,” or refuses to remain open, it may be out of balance and should be serviced by a professional.

3. Clean your garage door. It seems like common sense, but this step isn’t to be underestimated! For most garage doors, wiping the outside down with a soft washcloth or sponge dipped into detergent diluted with warm water will do the trick. For wooden garage doors, you’ll need to take a few extra precautions. Instead of using water or detergent, simply wipe down the door with a soft dry cloth to remove dust. Your wooden garage door may require repainting or re-staining, so call your garage door specialist to find out.

4. Ensure that all parts of the door are running smoothly. To prevent door jams and screeching noises, at least once a year (or as needed) be sure to lubricate the doors rails, hinges, rollers, and torsion springs. You can buy garage door spray lubricant at any hardware stores, and many of them work to prevent grime and dirt build up as well.

5. Check the garage door opener. Many issues that arise with garage doors stem from the garage door opener. If your opener doesn’t appear to be working, it may need to be reset or have its batteries replaced. If you have a chain or screw drive operated garage door opener, it will also need to be lubricated to prevent sticking.

6.Get a tune-up. If you’re having trouble with the above steps or aren’t comfortable doing this maintenance yourself, call a professional to look at any glitches you’re noticing in your door’s functioning. Likewise, for recurring problems and major repairs, it’s best to have a garage door specialist diagnose and address the issue.

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